Orange Mats

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5ft x 3ft x 1.5 inch.

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Orange Mats

Outstone Inflatables mats measure 5ft x 3ft and are produced using the exact same 610oz cape grain PVC as our inflatables making them really durable. The foam used is 1.5" but is firm and sufficient enough to provide an identical impact protection as some of the 2" foam used on the marketplace. All our foam and material is flame retardant. The mats are made then turned inside out to make just one side showing any sewing. Our mats are double sewn using bonded nylon rot-proof thread. Our mats can be used for most tasks within the amusement and play market such as bouncy castles, soft play and school gyms.
Outstone mats can have reattachable links added to the bottoms of individual mats to connect mats together - excellent for covering a larger area without spaces. Whether you need one mat or twenty mats, we'll happily accomodate any size order. Orders of a larger volume will receive a considerbly discount. Your welcome to collect your new purchase from our factory in Cheshire. If your not local, then our most popular service is a 48hr courier or a pallet delivery for those larger orders. We accept orders worldwide.
Outstone can now print on the mats - whether it be your company branding, logo or an actual design. You can either send the print-ready artwork over or our team here can design the artwork. All printing is laminated to protect the artwork from splitting or cracking.